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Company Formation In UAE (Freezone, Main land, Offshore).

How to form a company in UAE is a frequently asked question. UAE continues to draw people who want to improve the state of the world's markets. There are several ways to break into the market, and assistance is always required. It's not simple to launch a firm, especially if you want to go internationally. If you are considering starting a business in the UAE, it could be a terrific opportunity to make money and live a new lifestyle.

Make sure you have everything planned out before embarking on this new adventure, from the initial investment amount, business kind, and local market to the psychological aspects of living in a foreign nation. In light of that, here are some tips to aid in your preparation for this significant "leap of faith.

How Can SS&CO Help?

We offer our clients expert Accounting & Bookkeeping services in addition to helping them enter the market. Our understanding of operations and experience in a variety of industries enable us to provide our clients with the right financial function control. We make sure that financial records are accurate and thorough, and we assist our clients in making wise decisions. Our employees are trained to offer professional services and are closely supervised. To maintain our staff's expertise current for any new developments in accounting, tax, and regulation, we also hold training sessions for them.

To enter a new market and grow your business through new market development, we offer the following services.

We'll assist with:

· How to enter UAE market ( Free-zone, Main Land, Offshore)

· How to start business in UAE (Manufacturing, Service, Trading)

· Trade License

· UBO( Ultimate beneficial owner declaration)

· WPS( Wage protection system)

· Business Plan

· Payroll Services

· Liquidation

· Bank Opening

· Investment Options in UAE

· End to End Business Consultation Including Detailed Business Plan

· Legal Due Diligence in Business Start-up

· Complaince and Regulatory Checks

· Tax Advisory On Business Model

· Business Process Automations and Technology Implementation Partner


Now is the ideal time to launch your business in Dubai, UAE. Due to the government's new business legislation, flexible regulatory processes, simple approval procedures, and quick timescales, company formation in UAE has never been simpler. New legislation has made it quite straightforward and easy for people of all nationalities to establish businesses in Dubai. If they are in the business of providing professional services, such as restaurants, commercial brokers, logistics, IT solutions, management consulting, etc., expats can now fully own their business. All of these factors have led to many entrepreneurs choosing to launch a small business in Dubai. With SS&CO's business setup advisors on your side, registering a corporation in Dubai may be much simpler.

Working with one of the top business setup experts in Dubai can save you valuable time and energy so that starting a business as a foreigner in Dubai won't consume all of it.

Why Dubai Mainland? Substantial market share - Establishing a business in the UAE will provide you access to the market and the freedom to trade both inside and outside the country. This advantage, which is only available to businesses on the Mainland, creates numerous opportunities.

Business-friendly environment: Dubai offers excellent trade hubs, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a reliable communication system. The infrastructure in the mainland area is perfect for supporting your budding or established business. Tax incentives - The allure of 0% corporate tax is the main factor influencing why many business owners and investors choose to form an LLC, sole establishment, or partnership firm in Dubai

No double taxation - In Dubai, business owners are given the option to choose a double taxation agreement for import-export procedures, which allows them to avoid having to pay tax on both sides.

Easy process for establishing a business - Dubai Mainland corporations are comparatively simple to set up in terms of company establishment. There are also knowledgeable business setup consultants in Dubai that can assist you in starting a firm there and even successfully complete a low-cost business setup there.

Why Freezone?

· It makes it possible for foreign investors to own 100% of their business.

· You can avoid paying any customs fees thanks to a streamlined import and export process.

· You have the freedom to select from a variety of main economic activities in free zones.

· Getting a free zone business licence is a reasonably simple and straightforward process. You can take advantage of efficient administrative services as an investor.

· Businesses operating in free zones are permitted to export all profits to their home nations.

· Free zones are strategically positioned adjacent to international borders, seaports, and airports. Unavoidably, this would boost trading advantages for companies.

· It is straightforward to do domestic and international commerce because to Dubai's significant seaports and airports. You have easy access to manufacturers and suppliers in the MENA and South Asian regions.

· Dubai is a popular travel destination worldwide, bringing in millions of visitors and investment. As a result, there will be opportunities for you to interact with the city's multi-national community and the international business community.

Financial Management Consultancy & Advisory

Businesses needs management consultancy in problem-solving, enhancing operations, creating value, and maximizing growth

Audit & Assurance

An in-depth analysis of a company’s financial records and operational effectiveness is required for a financial audit of a firm. .

Transaction Advisory & Deals

Transaction advisory & deals like mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, can be difficult to close, thus it is crucial that they be handled with extreme care and skills,


Corporate Training

It is critical to choose the ideal training partner for this high-stakes profession. .

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