Financial Accounting & Corporate Reporting        Managed Services  

Utilizing internal resources to adjust to changing regulatory, technological, and talent needs can be difficult and ineffective. Your operating model for financial accounting & managed services can be revised with assistance from the SS&CO team.  According to your needs, you can choose various Financial Accounting Services for your company:  

-Accounting & Bookkeeping  

-Budgeting & Forecasting  

-Consolidation and Reporting Services  

-Payroll Accounting  

-CFO Services  

-Accounting Policies Manual  


Accounting & Bookkeeping:

Many businesses fail cause of weak accounting and Bookkeeping departments and mismanagement of working capital as business operations. Plus, stakeholders are not getting timely and accurate information as and when required

Are your financial records complete and accurate?

Are you getting your financial reports on a timely basis?

Is your financial information reliable?

Are your records complying with Tax Laws and regulations and ready for a Tax audit?

Are you taking informed decisions for your business?

Our professionals are very well-trained and qualified. Our strength is our experience in various industries and operational knowledge which helps our clients to have proper control of finance function.

Budgeting & Forecasting:

It comes as no surprise that CEOs and CFOs are demandingrealityfrom the financial planning process.  Budgeting and forecasting are key pillars of an enterprise performance management system and getting realistic and accurate planning information is critical for executives to quickly adapt to changing business conditions and maintain the confidence of external stakeholders.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners simply don't have the time or the necessary skills to prepare and use these tools effectively. We assist businesses of any size in creating flexible and realistic budgets and projections.

Consolidation and Reporting Services:

Efficiently managing financial consolidation can be a complex and time-consuming challenge for many organizations. Group accounting can also face numerous internal and external challenges and complexities.

SS&CO. Managed Consolidation and Reporting Services can help provide experiences, technology-supported consolidation and reporting experience that can be used in the following scenarios:

· Fully outsourced: to enhance consolidation and reporting processes

· Partly outsourced: SS&Co. teams help to perform the consolidation and reporting on-site or using the existing systems

· Hybrid: fully outsourced initially, then SS&Co. teams will help with the transition and system implementation into existing systems

SS&Co. team has deep technical accounting knowledge and can provide support with the:

· multi-entity consolidation and financial reporting

· IFRS & GAAP reporting and statutory disclosures

Payroll Accounting:

A payroll accounting system is streamlined and automated by a payroll system. An economical, effective, and seamless payroll process is essential for the proper operation of an organisation because accurate and timely wage payments are essential. The payroll function's responsibilities extend beyond simply determining employees' pay;  they also involve the effective management of numerous other factors that streamline HR procedures, including leave, travel expenses, accruals, and more. It's crucial to select the payroll outsourcing solution that best matches your company.


One of the main problems preventing your company from growing the way you want it to is its financial management. Growing businesses often reach a point where they require a financial advisor but cannot afford a full-time Chief financial officer (CFO) on staff.

CFO services assist you in comprehending your company by creating detailed reports tailored to your sector and present requirements. Utilizing SS&CO's CFO services will enable you to identify your greatest risks and prospects, providing a clear path to expansion and consistent financial health.

Accounting Policies Manual:

Choosing the appropriate accounting policies is essential to producing high-quality financial reporting and better internal controls that satisfy the needs of the business and deliver accurate information promptly for improved decision-making. By having a thorough understanding of the organizational structure, applicable reporting framework, operations & transactions, and important areas to promote efficiency and effective financial reporting, our IFRS advising team assists firms in tailoring their accounting rules.

Private companies, public sector organizations, and huge groups with complicated requirements for consolidation can all benefit from our expertise and industry-specific knowledge.

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