External Audit

What exactly is an external audit?

A company’s financial statements are examined for correctness and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations by an external audit. Additionally, the auditor confirms that the financial records and reports accurately depict the performance of the business.


Financial statements for investors must be published by all publicly traded companies. To make sure that they give a complete and accurate view of a company’s financials, these records must be independently audited. Non-profits must also submit to audits in order to maintain their tax-exempt status.


Private businesses are not required to regularly undergo external audits, yet some still do. External audits typically assist them in increasing client confidence or provide them with additional documentation to provide to lenders when seeking for credit.


A third-party auditor who is independent of the organisation and does not have an interest in the audit’s results conducts external audits. Although there are different requirements for certification, external auditors must be certified accountants with credentials and professional accreditations.


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Advantages of External auditing :

Internal auditing can offer a company a number of benefits when backed by organised data and competent auditors.


Enhance decision-making: Internal audits can identify particular issues and provide information to decision-makers that can be used to guide their strategy and evaluate potential fixes.


Identify operational issues and inefficiencies via internal audits to improve operations and efficiency. Audits give insights into the issue’s origin because they take a close look at particular areas. The organisation can conduct another internal audit after making changes to determine whether the new policies and practises have produced the expected outcomes.


Define and reduce risks by considering their effects and their likelihood of occurring. Internal audits can help with this. Decision-makers can take action to mitigate the risk, decrease the likelihood that it will occur, and lessen the potential repercussions once they are aware of it.

Ensure compliance and success in external audits:  Internal audits can identify difficulties with reporting or compliance by resembling the procedure of external audits. A business can prevent potential fines or penalties by identifying these issues and fixing them.

Why Need Internal Audit

Why choose SS&CO for your auditing needs?

A group of skilled, qualified, and certified auditors with expertise in external auditing makes up SS&CO. For the benefit of your business and its growth, our knowledgeable external auditors offer dependable and unflappable solutions. The external audit services provided by SS&CO are specifically designed to satisfy customer needs and adhere to Middle East audit laws. We offer your company honest conclusions that support maintaining a stronger position in the market. Our team has experience working for GCC’s top auditing companies, including Big4. The group has solid lid expertise across a diverse range of sectors.


Our multi-tasking staff, which includes CFOs for various MNCs, will support internal decision-making as well. In addition to offering external audit services in Middle East and the UAE, SS&CO also offers due diligence audit services, accounting services, auditing & assurance services, vat & tax consultant services, and services for the implementation of accounting software.


Please get in touch with us if you require any assistance with our external auditing services in GCC. The best external audit in Middle East for your company will be provided by our qualified auditor as soon as possible.


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